Privacy Policy

Privacy policy:

The privacy policy is to ensure and inform you that doesn’t collect your personal information and details. You are in a secure environment while using this application. We respect user data privacy and private information. All users should check the policy of the website before getting its services. It is your responsibility to stay aware of your data and privacy on the internet. We make sure your data will remain secure and take measures to keep it safe and confidential. But there is no guarantee of data on the internet.

Cookies service

The server sends cookies to the browser of your personal computer; it is helpful to remember user visits, preferences about website, languages, and other settings. It is useful for the user and reduces irritation to visit again on this site. Cookies are helpful to make your web experience better. Cookies store just a little information about your e-mail id and name to remember the visitor. You will not feel ambiguity when you visit next time.

Data security

We care and respect all your data and information, and take measures to prevent your data loss. Passwords or security pins are used to secure data and information, restrictions on the access of data to protect it. We give our hundred percent to keep your data secure. Information of all users is not provided to any third party and keep it confidential; the user can feel convenient while Watch and downloading on this website.


 We will answer your queries only through mails; if you are subscribed to the services, you will receive messages about your requested services. You can be in touch with us using mails, and we will not give your personal information to a third party. In this way, you can communicate with us, and we will be able to answer your queries.


Advertisements on our website are posted in collaboration with our advertisement partners. And the server allows sending cookies. These cookies are from the third party and may collect your information; you can manage these ad cookies on your personal computer. does not handle advertisement cookies; you can control these cookies on your own.  

Privacy policy updates   

We can make changes in our privacy policy according to requirements, challenges, and new situations. Its visitor’s responsibility to check privacy policy time to time there may be little changes in it. You can check it by clicking the privacy policy; it will open a page where you can check it. If you are conscious about data, you should be aware of all privacy updates.